ShipIt at TrustBuilder

Unleashing creativity on ShipIt day

Six times a year, TrustBuilder’s creative talent gathers in a hackathon format to drop their routine work for a moment and develop a creative idea. Taking the inspiration from a tradition started at Atlassian, we call this our `ShipIt Days’.


Never waste a good idea

You know how it goes: you have a great dream for a new product, a new feature or just an improvement to the work environment. But led by what needs to happen every day in a fast-paced industry like the cybersecurity market, there’s not really time to elaborate the initial idea into a tangible project. And, consequently, these ideas end up on a boulevard of broken dreams.

During ShipIt Day, we offer TrustBuilder collaborators the opportunity to leave the ‘to-do list’ aside for a day and work on these ideas together with the colleagues. To ensure that ideas do not get forgotten, they are entered in Confluence. After all, how could we NOT use an Atlassian product to support our own ShipIt Days?

TB Values illustration

Collaboration is one of the core values at TrustBuilder, and ShipIt Day offers plenty of opportunities to work together and bounce off ideas with colleagues that people don’t usually work with daily, cross-pollinating from one department of the company to the other.

TrustBuilder is a place where we cherish the development of talent, and ShipIt Day is a great way for everyone to learn from others, discover their own unsuspected capabilities and impress co-workers and Management. By offering this free time to explore, everyone at TrustBuilder gets the chance to unleash whatever power sits inside them.

Proven methodology

Atlassian started the ShipIt tradition over 15 years ago and even expanded the program to help other companies organize these creative boosts. Our management team has used this practice before with great results:

  • 50% of the ideas presented during ShipIt Day found their way into the product, bringing value to the customers.
  • Ideas do not only concern product features. Ideas were also developed that helped professional services implement the products at customers, leading to better DevOps practices.
  • While some of the improvements originating from ShipIt Day seemed small at first, they still made a world of difference to customers.

Are you interested in joining a company that gives talent free rein to develop their own ideas? Check out our Vacancies.

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