Young Graduates

A perfect place to start your career

A scale-up like TrustBuilder is a great environment to learn fast and benefit from the experience of your colleagues. TrustBuilder creates the right atmosphere to welcome people who are just starting their career in IT.


An exciting environment

We believe that in today’s world, you should be able to use digital services in a secure and user-friendly way. At TrustBuilder, we build software that combines world-class security with maximum convenience. We do this by introducing passwordless experiences and building ecosystems of applications. These make our lives easier and replace countless login screens with single sign-on capabilities. We are building a team of exceptional people to help us deliver on that promise. We firmly believe in empowering people to grow themselves and push others to grow. By working together as a team, we increase the value of the company. By learning from each other, we increase the value of everyone.

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Grow your ecosystem

Continue to grow

When you arrive at TrustBuilder, we will make sure you get to learn all the ins and outs of Digital Transformation and the link with Identity and Access Management. From your first day, you will be fed information about digital economy, the necessity of digital transformation and how that impact the user experience for the consumers. We will teach you how we can address these challenges and implement the most advanced use cases based on our exciting product platform. As you go along, you will learn on the job. Don’t forget: you will never be on your own. You will be assigned a mentor and coach that will guide you in your first year. Your colleagues are always there to share information and knowledge with you. We have a multitude of collaboration and communication tools that make sure you are always connected to great sources of information.

What job do you want?

TrustBuilder has many great career opportunities for you. Do you want to solve business problems for our customers? You can. Do you want to help develop or implement our product? You can! Do you want to contribute by thinking about the architecture and product direction of the TrustBuilder Suite? You can! Whatever your job role at TrustBuilder, your voice will always be heard. We appreciate people who think outside of the box and bring in fresh ideas.

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A great place to work

When you work at TrustBuilder, you will immediately notice our unique culture. We are a scale-up, so agility is our middle name. We are committed to getting results. We realize those results by working together as a team. And of course, we celebrate our successes as a team. We value open communication and regularly provide recognition and feedback. You will experience that we built a culture where quality of work outweighs quantity. From a logistics point of view too, our company is a great place to work. Our offices are in the d’Office near Flanders Expo. Your work environment comes with delicious coffee, a great working atmosphere and opportunities to relax. What’s more, a bunch of amazing colleagues will make you feel at home immediately. Of course, you can also work from home on a regular basis.

Plan your own career

At TrustBuilder, we encourage you to build your own career. We are a fast-growing company, so there are always new opportunities at the horizon. The technical background that we provide you with, will make you evolve into someone who can tackle all technical challenges.

You are the master of your own career. TrustBuilder creates the right environment where you can grow your talent and develop your skill set.

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