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Whether you are an application service provider, a systems integrator, a technology vendor or a business consultancy, the TrustBuilder Suite offers multiple opportunities for collaboration. We have built an ecosystem of partners around our Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms. We welcome you to become part of that thriving digital ecosystem.


Our marketplace is a true marketplace where Identity Providers (IdPs) and Service Providers meet and our customers get a wealth of choice between applications and authentication methods. Thanks to our out-of-the-box connectivity to these applications and to IdPs from all over Europe, our customers can build extensive, secure and tightly integrated ecosystems of services. This increases customer experience for our customers, but also lets service providers tap into new audiences, both domestic and international. Combining these offerings opens the door to new business models and new sources of revenue generation. comes with lots of capabilities – such as strong multifactor authentication (MFA) and bring your own authentication (BYOA) through a variety of IdPs and authentication providers. When integrated with, your service can benefit from these end-to-end services for the TrustBuilder customers.

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Our partner program

TrustBuilder loves working in long-term partnerships. Together we can achieve more for our joint customers and for each other. We offer an end-to-end platform that offers you opportunities to reach more customers or to complement your current solution offering.

Marketplace partners

Do you have an application that you want to make available to a wider audience, for instance through the mobile app of a bank? will build a seamless and safe connection between the bank’s app and your application. This will open up a new market for you, bringing you into contact with the millions of consumers who already use TrustBuilder’s authentication platform.

Business Partners

Are you a systems integrator, an implementor or a technology vendor looking to broaden your portfolio of products and services? Offering the TrustBuilder Suite to your customers allows them to grant their consumers seamless and safe access to applications and resources. TrustBuilder is built on an open architecture, allowing you to integrate our products into your overall offering.

Technology partners

Do you have IAM products and tools that are complementary to the TrustBuilder Suite? TrustBuilder was built on the premise that customers need choice. Through our adherence to standards and our open architecture that allows of customization, we can combine our offering with virtually all solutions in the market. So let’s connect today to offer your customers end-to-end services.

What’s in it for you?

Access to millions of users

Through our expanding customer base, millions of consumers use TrustBuilder on a daily basis. Whether they are customers of a bank, an insurance company or another financial or non-financial service provider, they are open to new experiences and applications that are integrated with the app they are accustomed to. By joining our marketplace, you can get access to this new audience and generate new revenue streams.

Shortest time to benefit

TrustBuilder connects to virtually any Identity Provider or Service Provider. Our support for standards and the way you can customize connections makes it easy for you to integrate with the TrustBuilder Suite. Most of these integrations are preconfigured and templates are available that make integration a breeze. Once you have integrated with, we can roll out your solution in a very short time.

End-to-end solutions

The TrustBuilder Suite comes with multiple capabilities and connects to a host of Identity Provider and authentication providers. This facilitates strong multifactor authentication, while consumers can choose their preferred way of authenticating. Single Sign-on, Federated Identity Management and API security combine excellent customer experience with airtight security. By partnering with TrustBuilder, you become a valuable part of an end-to-end solution.

Joint marketing

By marketing our solution together, we are sure to make an impression in the market. TrustBuilder will give you fast access to our marketing resources. Joint PR, email marketing, social media advertising are just some of the ways we can jointly market our solution. We offer Standard, Premium or Platinum marketing programs, tailored to your marketing needs and budget. You will get full support from our experienced marketing department.

Access to our developers

TrustBuilder consists of a team of highly skilled and experienced system architects, developers and consultants. Through our work with customers and partners, IAM holds no secrets for them. By partnering with TrustBuilder, you get access to this team of professionals. Whether you have questions on security standards, are looking for practical implementation advice or tips and tricks to shorten your time to market, our team is there to help.

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