POSTPONED – Centralize policy management for ease of administration

Do you struggle with the permissions that users have within your application landscape? If you have many customer-facing applications, managing authentication and authorization policies can be a painful process. Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC) allows you to centrally manage the policies for all applications, dynamically make changes, and make your policies more fine-grained, using personas. Join our webinar to learn how PBAC combines the advantages of ABAC and RBAC.

A deep dive into personas and delegated administration

Do you want to make user administration less complex? Do you want to empower users to delegate administration to their colleagues? Do you want to enhance user experience? Introducing the notion of personas in your Identity and Access Management solution will help you achieve these goals. Join our second technical webinar on personas and delegated administration on November 17th to see personas demoed in real-life circumstances.

How to prevent role explosion, using personas

Does ‘one person = one profile’ seem like a pipe dream to you? Do you currently force individuals to use different accounts with different credentials for each different role they assume? If you do, you will have experienced to what management nightmare this role explosion leads. And how it confuses your users. Let us assure you: there is a solution. Join our webinar on October 27 to learn how TrustBuilder provides the capabilities to create a true identity centric IAM solution.