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Sharing more data, by sharing fewer data

Security breach? Don’t blame the user!

Companies are investing heavily in making users alert to the dangers of phishing. At the same time, companies are underinvesting in security infrastructure. Wouldn’t it be better to make sure that IT security is so airtight that users don’t constantly have to be wary of potential breaches?

Flemish grant for TrustBuilder

VLAIO is awarding a project grant to Identity & Access Management (IAM) specialist TrustBuilder. TrustBuilder belongs to a consortium that also includes Randstad, Docbyte, Enhansa, karamel and Vlaamse Datanutsbedrijf. The joint project focuses on secure and selective sharing of personal data in a human resources context.

KuppingerCole's Leadership Compass on Verified Identity

Download your complimentary copy of KuppingerCole Analysts AG’s Leadership Compass on Verified Identity and learn how TrustBuilder stands out in security, usability, and interoperability. The report brings a full overview of the market, including insights into the different models and technology methods you can use to verify identities.

The guide to manage a smooth transition to secure remote access

Download this free whitepaper to increase your agility, secure your employees' remote access and provide them with a faster and easier login experience.

How Passwordless MFA matches Security with User Experience

Download this whitepaper to get full insight on challenges with Password based authentication, the benefits of going for Passwordless authentication, how Passwordless is aligned with CARTA (Gartner’s model), ...

Free Whitepaper The ABCs of Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) has been gaining popularity as a powerful tool, if not the most effective, to help businesses protect their digital assets and ultimately their activities and reputation. But not all MFA solutions are the same. Therefore, this ABC will allow you to be fully aware of the criteria you need to understand and consider when evaluating an MFA solution.

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