10.4 Release Notes

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Today we release version 10.4 of TrustBuilder IDHub, with new features and integration with the overall TrustBuilder.io Suite.

TrustBuilder.io Suite consists of 3 products:

  • TrustBuilder.io, the Service Catalog of the TrustBuilder.io Suite that allows easy connections towards standardized applications and Identity Providers (IdPs). TrustBuilder.io is cloud-based.
  • TrustBuilder IDHub, the orchestration engine of the TrustBuilder.io Suite processing all the flexible security policies. This instance can run on the customers’ premise (local, private cloud, or public cloud) as well as in a SaaS offering.
  • TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator, the strong authentication solution for mobile devices combining the world’s safest authentication method with the best user login experience.

All 3 products work seamlessly together in a full cloud or hybrid setup.

TrustBuilder.io: Service Catalog of applications and Identity Providers.

Service Catalog workflow

We’ve improved the Service Catalog, making it easier to manage the applications and Identity Providers offered through the catalog.

We’ve added a configurator to define how/when to connect to applications from third parties, and enable dry run testing

inWebo support

To facilitate integration with our new partner, the inWebo strong authentication solution has been added to the Service Catalog.

inWebo offers strong authentication through a stand-alone mobile and desktop solution offering passwordless authentication, as well as an integrated web application offering deviceless authentication within the browser. For more information on the inWebo solutions, please visit https://www.inwebo.com/en/#

TrustBuilder supports all 3 solutions in the Service Catalog.

TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator

TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator will be replaced by the inWebo Authenticator. This follows the strategy of the group, where inWebo will focus on the strong authentication and TrustBuilder will offer the IAM services. This combined offering brings you the best of both worlds.

TrustBuilder IDHub

TrustBuilder is paving the road to a cloud-first strategy and offer all its solutions in a SaaS model. The Service Catalog and the Mobile Authenticator were the first products that ran in the cloud, and as of version 10.3, we also offer TrustBuilder IDHub in a complete cloud environment.

With the release of 10.4, we’ve added TrustBuilder Connect to support hybrid solutions, so customers can benefit from the power of the cloud while still easily connecting to local applications and identity stores.

TrustBuilder Connect also allows storage of privacy sensitive data in the customers’ own data centers, ensuring their IAM setup is 100% compliant with local privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Authentication web components

As TrustBuilder is becoming ready to be a cloud native solution, the interfaces towards TrustBuilder will be replaced by web components. The first web components are now available as fully customizable integration for authentication. Customers can choose to adapt the standard layout that will be used in TrustBuilder’s Self-Service Portal, or to edit them to fit their company’s house branding.

Self-service Portal

We’ve released the first version of our Self-service Portal, a new service included in the TrustBuilder.io suite.

The Self-service Portal will integrate all the available web components in a ready-to-use portal towards end users, where they can start with the different onboarding options, select their authentication methods, manage their identities, start applications and benefit from all the innovations that TrustBuilder offers, such as adaptive or step-up authentication, fine-grained authorization, and much more.

The self-service portal is ideal in a B2C environment to develop and test the different IAM scenarios without the need to invest in front-end development.

It can also be used out-of-the-box as a portal for workforce scenarios, which do not require a customized portal.

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