Services (not final)

Table of Contents

Currently the following services are available

  • Memory / Session service be.securit.trustbuilder.util.TimedBlockingHashMap
  • MemCached / Session service be.securit.trustbuilder.service.MemcachedService
  • DateService be.securit.trustbuilder.service.DateService
  • EncryptionService be.securit.trustbuilder.service.EncryptionService
  • StoreEncryptionService be.securit.trustbuilder.service.StoreEncryptionService
  • Radius Endpoint Service be.securit.trustbuilder.service.RadiusService
  • Ldap Endpoint Service be.securit.trustbuilder.service.LdapService
  • Domtai Service be.securit.trustbuilder.service.DomTai
  • AMQProducerService: be.securit.trustbuilder.service.AMQProducerService
  • AMQConsumerService: be.securit.trustbuilder.service.AMQConsumerService

Getting direct access to a service from within the workflow can be done via the following

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