Tackling industry challenges with IAM

Explore how TrustBuilder Identity Hub helps industry leaders and governments establish better connections, build digital trust and meet user expectations.


Reinventing retail banking

Smooth access management has become a crucial part of digital transformation. As the number of digital interactions within and outside the organization increases, the balance between security and usability is more important than ever. 

Our IAM solutions help you keep track of user data and identity validation within your organization, facilitating the smooth and secure exchange of data.

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A reliable solution for insurance

As a result of digital transformation, direct interaction between customers and insurance companies has increased significantly. Traditionally, many insurance companies are faced with a siloed approach to user data that is incompatible with the delivery of user-friendly direct services. IAM systems provide the foundational layer necessary to enable smooth and secure access to different insurance services. The result is a seamless experience that meets strict internal and external security policies and regulations and paves the way for continuous innovation. Insurance companies can offer brokers, consumers and employees access using their preferred authentication method.

Driving the retail revolution

As retailers move to provide more online services, the need for secure user access increases. To make the shopping experience simple and pleasant, online shops need to remove as much friction as possible while maintaining high levels of security. Finding the right balance is a matter of identifying users dynamically: not only who they are, but also the context in which the transaction is taking place. Powerful, customizable IAM solutions like TrustBuilder Identity Hub help retailers achieve the right balance between security and customer experience. 

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Setting the stage for secure healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, all data is sensitive. As a result, doctors, nurses and physicians often need to navigate a complex web of identification and authentication steps to access patient data. IAM solutions like TrustBuilder Identity Hub provide healthcare professionals with secure single sign-on across disparate systems, significantly increasing their efficiency without compromising on data security.

Orchestrating identities in financial services

How can financial institutions make basic authentication less intrusive for their users? The answer: through an identity orchestration platform like TrustBuilder Identity Hub. Using AI-based dynamic risk evaluation, the TrustBuilder Identity Hub assesses the context of every transaction in real time – from transaction history and behavior analysis to geolocation, device and time.

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Government and citizens

Connecting government and citizens

In our digital world, the ways in which citizens interact with governments and third-party service providers are constantly multiplying. In this siloed environment, government departments and agencies often struggle to efficiently share user information, causing much frustration.  With TrustBuilder Identity Hub, managing access and identities across governmental silos is easier than ever. At the same time, we provide all the ingredients needed to establish a secure, user-friendly identification platform to keep user/citizen data safe and secure.