Protecting the booming services industry

Technology has been a driving force behind the boom in the services industry. Thanks to digital transformation, products are being increasingly offered as services. As companies open up their applications and resources to consumers, Identity and Access Management are claiming a bigger role in the services industry.


TrustBuilder powers services companies

HR services companies, healthcare organizations, retailers, distributors or utilities: whatever the activity a services company engages in, they need to combine customer experience with tight security.

Increasing customer experience

Consumers want to access websites and resources as easily as possible, choosing their own preferred way of authenticating themselves. TrustBuilder increases user convenience by allowing consumers to use social media accounts to authenticate, and using step-up authentication only when required, for instance when a user wants to access sensitive resources. TrustBuilder Workflow Editor helps set policies, mapping out the entire customer journey. Add passwordless as the ultimate dream of consumers to access your services, thanks to TrustBuilder for Mobile Authenticator.   

Protecting privacy

Consumers want their privacy respected and regulations like GDPR are – rightfully – giving them back control over their personal data. Organizations that properly manage personal information will build trust with their customers. User consent management is increasingly becoming a standard selection criterium when European organizations choose an IAM solution. TrustBuilder allows end-users to give or revoke their own consent for sharing personal data to all applications, even on-premise web apps. What’s more: by adding passwordless, strong authentication on the user’s account by default, you avoid that users will perceive your website as unsafe.

Building digital ecosystems

Ecosystems are cropping up everywhere and the services industry is no exception to that. Companies are complementing their own product range with third-party services to offer an end-to-end portfolio to their customers, thereby increasing their share of wallet. To protect this portfolio of services, TrustBuilder offers API security that secures at the edge, but which also ensures security as consumers move from one service to another.

Decreasing time to market

In a fast-moving market, services companies need to outsmart the competition by coming to market faster. These new services require integration with the company’s IAM architecture to ensure maximum security. Thanks to, adding these services is no longer a time-consuming activity. consists of a catalog of services that developers can easily add to their existing IAM framework and which comes with a vast set of connections to applications (service providers) and identity providers.

Free resource

ebook: Building trust for digital ecosystems

Services companies using TrustBuilder

Whether you need to authenticate millions of users every day, or are building out an ecosystem of services, TrustBuilder is here to protect your applications, resources and data.

SD Worx

HR services leader SD Worx uses TrustBuilder to power its digital transformation. Its customers’ employees consult their HR information online and are offered extra services on top. Through its well-considered acquisition strategy, SD Worx has a diverse application landscape. TrustBuilder takes in identities from any source and transforms them into any other standard or proprietary protocol. SD Worx uses TrustBuilder as an international single authentication platform to let customers start up any SD Worx application, using advanced features such as Single Sign-on (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), etc.


All players involved in European air traffic (control towers, airports, service companies at airports, …) need fast, reliable access to the applications of EUROCONTROL. EUROCONTROL has automated many of the interactions between its own operational applications and the applications of its partners. Each separate request to the operational applications must be authenticated, either by the use of a token or a PKI certificate. At EUROCONTROL, TrustBuilder takes care of millions of authentications a day, providing secure authentication based on RSA Tokens and certificates.

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