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From smooth digital transformation to better customer experiences and streamlined regulatory compliance: here’s how our IAM solution helps you achieve your goals.


Accelerate digital transformation

Smooth access management has become a crucial part of digital transformation. As the number of digital interactions within and outside the organization increases, the balance between security and usability is more important than ever. Our IAM solution helps you keep track of user data and identity validation within your organization, thus facilitating the smooth and secure exchange of data.

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Be ready for Open banking and PSD2

Open banking and open APIs enable third-party developers and banks to provide users with new services. These additional services provide banking companies with access to fresh revenue streams and help them maintain close interactions with users. At the core of this new approach is a trustworthy, flexible and user-friendly CIAM platform that solves the security versus usability challenge.

Excel in customer experience

In a digital landscape marked by stiffer competition and growing expectations, creating a frictionless customer experience is key to success. TrustBuilder Identity Hub provides all the security, flexibility and usability needed to create a highly personalized and user-friendly experience for your customers. Easily connect different identity silos in a secure and compliant way while giving  users the service they expect from your company.

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ebook: Building trust for digital ecosystems

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Recognize zero trust

Introduce and implement a ‘zero trust’ policy in your organization with TrustBuilder’s end-to-end IAM solution, TrustBuilder Identity Hub. Based on our ‘trust, but verify’ philosophy, TrustBuilder Identity Hub verifies every user identity and API tokens, using contextual information. This allows you to detect security risks and breaches on an ongoing basis and enables you to establish a culture of continuous risk assessment.

Move to a scalable and cost-effective IAM solution

Centralize siloed IAM initiatives in your organization and modernize your legacy solutions to meet users’ demands. TrustBuilder Identity Hub lets you control every access journey in your organization from one central hub. Our main differentiator? Instead of replicating, we reuse existing data, resulting in smoother interaction and reduced TCO. Enjoy improved transparency, governance and best-in-class security tomorrow by starting your transformation journey today.

Scalable and cost effective IAM

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