How IAM can help you achieve your business goals

From improving customer experience and workforce efficiency to growing revenue and establishing reliable risk management: here’s how TrustBuilder Identity Hub helps you achieve your goals.

Enabeling digital ecosystems with

Digital ecosystems

Banks have become supermarkets of services. Banking apps have turned into hubs that offer integration to services offered by third parties, for instance (transportation) ticketing services or handyman services. This creates ecosystems around financial institutions, and adding new services swiftly can create a competitive advantage. TrustBuilder Identity Hub acts as a centralized applications portal and its open architecture and plug & play (PnP) connections make adding third-party services easy and efficient.

Reduce costs with effective security management

TrustBuilder Identity Hub’s policy-based security approach allows you to integrate security services within one application and replicate it throughout your organization. This centrally managed system makes it easy to adapt to a changing environment and policies and greatly reduces costs over time, since application changes are no longer needed for every change in security policy. With the integrated Workflow Editor, the implementation of your organization’s changing security policy becomes instantly transparent and easily adaptable.

Scalable and cost effective IAM
Workforce efficiency

Improve workforce efficiency and attract new talent

The modern (digital) workplace needs to be secure yet easily accessible, for employees as well as contractors and suppliers. Managing the right access for the right person has become an increasingly complex puzzle that can only be solved with a flexible, comprehensive solution. TrustBuilder Identity Hub can be deployed across your organization to provide exceptional employee experiences while providing best-in-class IT security.

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Grow your revenue with CIAM

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) helps organizations increase their revenue in two important ways. First, it provides the foundation for new business and income streams by enabling new services for your customers. Secondly, CIAM plays a crucial role in establishing a frictionless user/customer experience, boosting conversion and onboarding.

Grow your revenue
Regulation and privacy

Getting regulation and privacy right

How organizations handle personal data is under increased scrutiny from customers as well as regulatory authorities. As a European company, TrustBuilder attaches great importance to following regulations such as GDPR and PSD2. We help our customers stay on the right side of compliance, by fully supporting Know your Customers (KYC), anti-money laundering and making sure our clients are ready when browsers phase out third-party cookies.

With TrustBuilder Identity Hub, compliance with changing regulations is easier than ever. Our solution facilitates user data management, consent management for personal information sharing and data processing. It gives users the ability to give and revoke consent for sharing personal data to all applications, even on-premise web apps. Thanks to our data centralization approach, policies are implemented appropriately across your organization.  

Powerful and dynamic risk management

In an increasingly complex digital environment, evaluating the risk of transactions is more challenging than ever. The only way organizations can provide optimum security is through dynamic risk evaluation and authentication: the real-time, context-dependent assessment of every transaction.

Our Identity Hub enables you to enforce different authentication methods for user sign-on depending on risk score. Already have a risk management solution in place? No worries, integration with TrustBuilder is a breeze, as is re-using existing data.

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