Cost-effective platform

Reducing expenditure has always been a priority of Management, and difficult economic times have now turned cost reduction into the number one challenge. Implementing TrustBuilder helps companies reduce costs, while also driving revenue growth.


IAM as a cost saver

For many companies, cost reduction is one of the main reasons for implementing Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM lowers cost in different ways. For starters, increased security will curtail the number of cyber incidents and the need to respond to these attacks. Secondly, thanks to good access management, end-users or customers will need fewer interactions with the helpdesk. Finally, enterprises avoid fines as the IAM system will help them comply with laws and regulations.

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How TrustBuilder saves time, and money

On top of the cost reduction advantages that any IAM solution can offer, TrustBuilder can pride itself on extra features that further slash IT cost.

Out-of-the-box connections

Organizations that build their own IAM systems have found out that these are difficult to maintain. New standards pop up, new Identity Providers (IdPs) and authentication mechanisms come to market. Whenever that happens, bespoke IAM platforms need to be adapted and connectivity to new IdPs or Service Providers (SPs) is developed. Using TrustBuilder keeps you up to date with all new technology and standards. What’s more, comes with a set of connections to IdPs and SPs that are easy to implement and are wholly managed by TrustBuilder. This saves precious development time.


When companies grow and extend their range of services, new policies will need to be designed and implemented. TrustBuilder contains a powerful policy engine, delivering a flexible, cost-effective authentication solution that can adapt to changing security policies. Existing policies can easily be adapted, and policies can just as easily be reused to fit new use cases. Thanks to our graphical user interface, designing and implementing these new policies can be handled by non-technical administrators. This saves time and effort and shortens time to market.

Easy to maintain

TrustBuilder delivers a platform that is easy to maintain for organizations. New use cases can be implemented quickly. Thanks to, setting up connections to IdPs and SPs comes effortlessly. TrustBuilder is a cost-effective platform, both in implementation and in maintenance. Changes to policies can be handled by non-technical administrators and do not require experienced staff. TrustBuilder’s managed services offering assists companies in maintaining the platform and keeping it up to date. Our solution is robust and scalable and its open architecture eliminates the risk of vendor lock-in.

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