IAM grows your business

Year after year, surveys by market research agencies such as Gartner or Forrester show that growing revenue and profit tops the priority list of any CEO, regardless of industry. Technology is one of the biggest drivers of growth, and IAM can help unlock growth potential.


Safe digital innovation

In a world of digital innovation, combining customer experience with airtight security is key. TrustBuilder delivers on its promise and allows enterprises to bring these solutions to market faster than the competition.

Digital transformation

While some industries were faster in starting their digital transformation journey, every industry has by now been forced to go digital. As a consequence of digital innovation, data have become dispersed across company sites and are made accessible to external partners and employees working remotely. This exposes companies to a multitude of threats and authentication needs to be checked on a constant basis. TrustBuilder’s API security helps organizations protect their resources, applications and data.

Developing new business models

Growing the business means developing new revenue streams and initiating extensions to the existing business processes. And bringing new services to the market before the competition reduces time to revenue. TrustBuilder leverages the collective innovation of an entire industry and comes with components that can easily be reused. This leads to short development cycles, helping businesses to innovate and beat the competition. A graphical user interface makes it simple for non-technical users to launch new services. 

Building digital ecosystems

To grow the customer base and increase customer retention, organizations are bringing extra content and services to the table. They are building digital ecosystems to deliver an end-to-end experience to customers. Retail banks are adding non-financial services to their apps, and are using these extra services to tap into new sources of revenue. TrustBuilder helps set up these ecosystems through (i) our ability to quickly build connections to Service Providers and (ii) our out-of-the-box connectivity to Identity Providers.

Easy onboarding of new customers

Modern consumers expect to get access to organizations’ services without hassle and without going through paper processes. When creating an account at a bank or an insurance company, consumers want an easy, digital onboarding process. Mobile phones have become the preferred method of connecting to banks or ecommerce sites. TrustBuilder supports digital onboarding from KYC (Know Your Customer) thru’ to signing. TrustBuilder customers can offer their clients secure login to their web portal without the hassle of passwords, thus allowing end-users to bring their own authentication or even adding passwordless login through TrustBuilder for Mobile Authenticator.

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