Maturity Assessment

Identify roadblocks to a secure digital journey

TrustBuilder’s Maturity Assessment helps organizations identify what roadblocks are preventing them from moving up the digital maturity curve. The Maturity Assessment benchmarks your digital focus and serves as a starting point for a digital action plan.


Why should you take a Maturity Assessment?

Different organizations are tackling digital transformation at a different speed, moving up the digital maturity model. For any organization, it’s interesting to find out what level they have reached in the maturity model, where their peers are and what steps should be taken to move up the value chain in the maturity model. TrustBuilder’s Maturity Assessment analyzes your as-is situation and provides advice on the to-be situation.

The central question in the maturity assessment is the following: are you delivering as expected? We identify what gaps keep you from feeling comfortable at your current level in the digital maturity curve. But we also look beyond that: what gaps do you need to fill to make you feel comfortable in the next level should you aspire to get there.  As security is a key blocking factor, we also discuss the security options at each level of the maturity model.

How do we run the Maturity Assessment?

TrustBuilder’s Maturity Assessment works in three phases and follows the same methodology used for the commissioned Maturity Model study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TrustBuilder in March 2021. We work with both in-depth interviews, workshops and questionnaires, involving all key stakeholders. Below are the three phases in the Maturity Assessment.

Current state and priorities

In this section, we look at the current state of digital adoption by your customers, your current and future plans, your budget spending. 

Digital maturity assessment

We specifically look at where you are on the maturity curve and compare that with the priorities set in part 1. Are you delivering as expected or is there a gap?  We look at what challenges are typical for the current and the next level.  

Obstacles and opportunities

We identify possible known and unknown roadblocks that represent the gaps and give directions on how to address those challenges.

What is the result of a Maturity Assessment

TrustBuilder’s Maturity Assessment will detect the technological and organizational gaps that prevent your company from moving from one maturity level to the next. The final report will provide options on the next steps organizations need to take if they want to advance on the maturity curve, both from a business (for instance on governance structure) and a technological (for instance on technical architectures) perspective. The report is a starting point for the organization to build an action plan.

TrustBuilder Maturity Assessment

Why should TrustBuilder perform the Maturity Assessment?

TrustBuilder is uniquely positioned to perform this Maturity Assessment. Our experienced teams have been involved in enabling digital transformation at different high-profile customers and is actively involved in integrating third-party services. Based on that experience, TrustBuilder built the Digital Maturity Model that the assessment centers on. TrustBuilder has experience in building marketplaces and providing seamless and highly secure connectivity between applications. TrustBuilder knows what third-party applications can be connected, and provides consultancy on monetizing these marketplaces.

Through the survey Forrester Consulting performed, we know security is the main blocking factor in moving from one level in the maturity model to the next. Each new level in the maturity model brings new security challenges and the security measures taken in one level may no longer be adequate in the next level. TrustBuilder knows the security challenges at each level and has proven experience meeting security requirements at each level.

Can TrustBuilder help you move up the Maturity Model?

TrustBuilder Growth model

If the report unveils technological gaps, TrustBuilder offers a number of products that can rise to the challenge and offer our customers’ consumers secure, yet user-friendly access to digital ecosystems. offers a Service Catalog that allows easy connections towards standardized applications and Identity Providers. TrustBuilder ID Hub is the orchestration engine that processes all flexible security policies. TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator is a strong authentication solution for mobile devices, combining the world’s safest authentication methods with the best user experience.

What organizations will benefit from a Maturity Assessment?

Many among you will already have been confronted with offering services as an OEM, outsourcing or rebranding services, or referring customers to external services. This collaboration with third parties is often the beginning of building a digital ecosystem and applies to many different industries.

Retail and digital banks

Retail banks can expand their core financial services by adding insurances, mobility services, comparison services on utilities and notary services when customers inquire after a mortgage.


Insurance companies can become the center of an ecosystem by adding online platforms for buying and selling used cars, or by offering emergency response services for utilities (gas, water, electricity).

HR services companies

HR services companies like SD Worx are opening up their apps that digitize paper processes to third-party services that deliver expense handling, travel services, mobility services, etc.

Travel companies

Travel and hospitality services have been early in adding third-party services to theirs. Just think of airlines also offering luggage insurance, car rental or hotel bookings.

Media companies

Paid subscriptions are the lifeblood of media companies. By adding third party services, for instance event services, content services or advertising services, they can tap into new sources of revenue while keeping the direct link with their customers.

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