Orchestrate your Business with TrustBuilder Identity Hub


The new digital economy is forcing businesses to expand beyond corporate boundaries and to integrate into an increasingly complex ecosystem. The interactions within these networks are founded on one thing: trust. At TrustBuilder, we believe that trust is the currency of the future. That’s why our Identity Hub is built to help you orchestrate your integration into that complex ecosystem in a secure and yet customer-friendly way – from customer experiences that ‘just click’ to security that keeps malicious actors at bay.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub

A smart way to reconcile security and usability

We are moving to a password-free world, that’s for sure. How can you give customers the easy, one-click access they want without compromising on security? With TrustBuilder Identity Hub, integrating third-party apps is simple and cost-effective. Using federated, adaptive, step-up and frictionless authentication, our solution ties identities, applications and context together in smart and flexible ways, including SSO. In this way, we create meaningful user experiences across all digital touchpoints, anytime and anywhere.

Discover how TrustBuilder Identity Hub integrates with 3rd party authentication solutions.

Access management


In today’s complex digital ecosystems, traditional role-based access management has proven untenable. A new approach was needed: one that focuses on attributes instead.

ABAC or attribute-based access control is a dynamic model that allows you to connect multiple web applications simply and securely. How? By controlling access rights in real time through the analysis of context attributes, including user, device, location, IP range, access channels and application sensitivity.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub offers an ABAC engine, which combines powerful policy implementation and execution with an unlimited collection of attributes. In this way, it can be tailored to specific needs and requirements.


Directing the user journey

Planning, simulating and editing the user journey has never been easier. With our workflow editor, you can connect different attributes and apply rules and policies in just a few clicks. Adapt quickly to changing regulations or strategy overhauls and ensure a seamless user experience across the board. 

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