TrustBuilder ID Hub Overview

Flexible IAM platform

TrustBuilder ID Hub is the world’s most flexible Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform to accelerate the digital transformation and the development of ecosystems of organizations with a large community of retail customers. We specifically designed TrustBuilder ID Hub to operate and collaborate within a varied landscape of internal and external partners, tools, hardware, software, protocols and standards. Together with and TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator, TrustBuilder ID Hub forms the Suite. uses a variety of Identity Providers (IdPs) and authentication mechanisms and provides easy integration with additional applications and service providers (SPs).

TrustBuilder ID Hub can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.


What makes TrustBuilder ID Hub different?

TrustBuilder ID Hub is ideally positioned to support organizations that focus on growth and expansion.

Complete ecosystem development

Organizations building out ecosystems, and integrating third-party applications and services can enable these integrations quickly thanks to our open architecture and the out-of-the-box connections to IdPs and third-party applications that provides.  

Ultimate customer experience

We orchestrate user access and best-in-class security across the user journey, resulting in a seamless customer experience. Thanks to the support of multiple authentication methods and mechanisms, customers can bring along their own authentication (BYOA) or companies can target passwordless authentications.  

Shortest time to market

Our graphical Workflow Editor and Workflow Engine allow easy configuration of the customer journey and setup of IAM policies. Fast and cost-effective deployment models lead to an easy initial deployment and facilitate adding new use cases.  

Integrations out of the box

In a real-world environment, adhering to just one standard or protocol is not enough. Since openness is at the heart of TrustBuilder ID Hub, we support multiple external repositories, third-party authentication technologies and external vendor solutions.

Authentication methods

TrustBuilder provides its own authentication methods such as TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator, Push Authentication, Biometric and behavioral authentication, PKI, SMS and e-mail as well as username and password. Beside our own authentication solutions, we support authentication through directories (LDAP, Microsoft AD, SQL database, …), social login (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn), Federated Identity Providers (eHerkenning, itsme, iDIN, Azure Active Directory, …), and specialized authentication vendors (Thales, HID, OneSpan, RSA).


whether through support of standards or through customized connections, use to easily integrate with consumer applications such as Mobility-as-a-Service apps (NMBS/SNCB, De Lijn/TEC/MIVB/STIB, Cambio, 4411,…), or web-based or on-premise enterprise applications like office productivity applications (Office365, Salesforce, SAP applications,…), document signing apps (DocuSign, Adobe Sign, OneSpanSign,…), document management and collaboration tools (Cisco Webex, Box, DropBox, Evernote,…), platform infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Tableau,…) and – of course – security and connectivity infrastructure (Cisco, F5, Checkpoint, Juniper,…).

This is only a partial list of the broad range of applications and authentication methods we support. Contact us for the full list.

Unique capabilities support multiple use cases

Whatever capability you are looking for, or whatever use case you have, TrustBuilder ID Hub can cope, for instance for: 

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Single sign-on (SSO)

With just one set of credentials, your users can access multiple applications

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Multi-factor Authentication

By combining various authentication methods, you can build your own authentication journey, based on your organization’s unique policy.

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Federated Identity Management

Establish trust between multiple domains or enterprises and grant users access to resources and applications outside of their native identity domain.

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Adaptive and context-based authentication

Our powerful policy engine lets you set rules based on behavioral attributes (device, location, time,…) and enforces step-up authentication when a different authentication level is required.

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API security

Ever more applications are based on microservices, and TrustBuilder Identity Hub ensures security not only at the edge but also between applications.

Want to discuss your specific use case? Contact us to hear how we can help. Contact us to hear how we can help.

Addressing everyone’s requirements

Whether you are a business manager, a CISO, an IT manager, an enterprise architect or an end-user, TrustBuilder is here to make your life easy. 

digital product manager

Digital product manager

If you are looking to expand your product portfolio and build an ecosystem including third-party applications, TrustBuilder Identity Hub will help you connect quickly, safely and seamlessly to a large number of external services, thus delighting your customers with a great experience and delivering a fast Return on Investment (ROI). 


CISO/Security officer/DPO

TrustBuilder delivers a safe internal system that protects user data and ensures only people who have the right authentication level can access resources. Our graphical Workflow Engine makes it easy to check the correct application of access policies. 


IT Manager

TrustBuilder ID Hub is highly configurable, allowing complex integrations, but with a short deployment time. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to configure new connections and policies. What’s more, our prebuilt connectors and templates will cut down development time.

enterprise architect

Enterprise architect

The openness of TrustBuilder ID Hub ensures that you can integrate quickly and cost-effectively, while also paving the way for future developments and use cases. 


End user

the multitude of authentication methods and mechanisms we support allow you to use your own authentication methods. TrustBuilder ID Hub also allows you to give and revoke consent for sharing your personal data. 

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